The Wall

DM-TheWall is a UDK level made by 7 3D visual art students.

In this school project I was art and teamleader.

We were given a whitebox (BSP) level made by a second year designer, Petra Pinho, that gave us a rough idea of where the main shapes would be.
In a total of 27 days we modeled, textured, and placed all the assets in the level.

As art leader I designed all individual assets as well as the total picture. I was also the only one working in UDK, meaning I made most materials and placed every single asset in our level.







The Team:

Petra Pinho (designer)
Wilbert Oosterom (art and teamleader)

Spike Meesters
Stefan Vink
Frans van Maanen
Michael Vriens
Robin van Lierop
Arjo Munnik