Mirage – Animation Short

Mirage is a short 3D animation movie made by 6 3D visual art students at the NHTV and 1 sound designer from the ARTEZ conservatory.

My task, as environment artist, was to design, model and texture the architectural assets, as well as designing and set dressing the environment.


The outhouse is a vital asset for the story. It was the first model that I made for this project and was used to set a bar for the rest of the environmental assets. I spend about 6 days on designing, sculpting and texturing the outhouse.



My second big architectural asset was the little house at the lake. Continuing in the same style I used for the outhouse I spend about 8 days designing, sculpting and texturing the house.

4_HouseSculpts_720 5_HouseModel_720 6_HouseModel2_720 7_HouseRender_720

Besides modeling a lot of small assets I spend the rest of my time placing all the assets in the environment. The basic layout of the terrain was already built and most camera shots were already created. I tried to make each shot look as interesting as possible by placing assets such as trees, rocks and flowers.

The Team:

Frans van Maanen (art leader and animator)

Wilbert Oosterom (environment art)
Spike Meesters (environment art)
Stefan Vink (environment art/character artist)
Dimitri Shimanovskiy (technical artist)
Michael Vriens (technical artist)


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